Raft Against Cancer 2019

By American Cancer Society (other events)

Monday, September 2 2019 8:00 AM 8:00 PM

We are so excited that after a 20 year hiatus, this signature regional event in support of the American Cancer Society is back.

Join us on September 2nd for a day filled with fun ON and ALONG the Lehigh River.

We are very excited to be partnering with Lehigton Outdoor Center.

The day will include the signature Raft Race from 8AM until about Noon and then there will be e free outdoor concert on the grounds of Lehighton Outdoor Center. There will be live music, foods, raffles and rides. Fun for the whole Family!

The American Cancer Society Raft Race at LOCstock  is dependent upon mother nature’s full support and cooperation, ensuring we have the water needed for a fun and safe race. In the event she doesn’t play nice,  or we are facing low rainfall drought like conditions, the event may be canceled. Your entry is a donation to the American Cancer Society and it will not be refunded.
While the Lehigh River is rated for primary contact, we would recommend staying on your raft or floating device during the race. Water levels vary along the waterway and we don’t want participants hitting rocks and debris in shallow areas. Plus, it’s not fun if you ingest any river water. Better safe than sorry (trust us!).  In all seriousness, it’s never safe to ingest river or lake water.
• Your raft team is required to be able to hand carry your raft.
• Acceptable boat types are only rafts supplied by Lehighton Outdoor Center.
• The age cutoff for participants is 18, or 4 if accompanied by an parent. A 3:1 child to parent ratio is required. 
There is a zero-tolerance policy on consumption of alcohol. Local law enforcement have authority to issue tickets on the water, and will do so if any person or raft is creating a safety issue or causing problems. We want everyone to have a great, safe experience. Thank you for your compliance!

• All participants are required to have a life jacket. The American Cancer Society Raft Race at LOCstock  is in accordance with Pennsylvania Boating Laws and life jackets must be Coast Guard-approved.